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Simon - Fat Rock For Bazzooka Cock


Hey How. New album out now. The album for free dowload. It is let out for all friends and breakcor's brothers and sisters... (= . I hope the pleasure will give to you at listening.


simon  /  24.12.2008
Give Me Future or Give Me Death


Give Me Future or Give Me Death (230mb)

An animation by Inward, 7th place at Breakpoint 2008.

moran/, camerawork, sculpture
elfh/, video editing, camerawork

elfh  /  15.04.2008
the chain of birthdays!


hell, i am going to be a one year older! 15th of march 2008. gift for me by sq/skrju... Download

alff  /  12.03.2008
Pimp My Chips


A few days ago a UK team Ate Bit released pc musicdisk with speccy covers of popular songs. Musicians from various countries took part there, including Simon/CPU. Download - Pimp my chips , 450kb

elfh  /  05.02.2008
your song is quiet, pt.2


Not so long time ago, collaborative work of Inward and tpolm on speccy, got 1st place at Alternative party in finland. Download here: _scl disk image_ pc executable_ avi video_

elfh  /  06.12.2007
Ahim Full Music


Ahim decided to release all music, he written for the last 6 years on pc. Download ahim full music

elfh  /  06.12.2007
inward dvd


download 2Gb

elfh  /  22.10.2007
You will forgive Us


Work of FREEDAX, must not was gain the lead on CC'07, we apologize to the participants. Work was expression of our emotions, but we are glad, that estimations began to put us for our SOULS, means us understand.

but.................. Kiss our FAT, FAT... FAT !!!! ASSSSS!!!!!!

simon  /  29.08.2007


Some information about CPU show here

simon  /  29.12.2006
cpu is a band of freaky bastards


we are sorry, if you a english speaking visitor for a long time you can see blank screen instead of news. so, right now news section was restored. i hope you willl continue to visit our team resource. thank you for understanding.

alff  /  28.12.2006