[.trd] [.AVI]

Your life stinks! 1st on cc07

spamed: august.2007

code ... Alff
sound ... Simon
gfx ... Alff, Simon

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Another One Day


Against tomorrow 2nd at Dihalth party 2007

RELIZED: 2007 june

code ... Alff
sound ... Simon aka 8bitnotshit

gfx ... Alff

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Your song is quiet


to memory Vega///3 at

Breakpoint 2007

created: 2007 aprl

code ... Elfh
sound ... Elfh

gfx ...Moran, Elfh

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BUKAKKE!!!! BUKAKKE!!!! BU!!! 1st at Chaos Constructions 2006

released: august. 2006

code ... Alff_vsemogushiy,Elfh
sound ... simoshka-shokoladka (simon^cpu)

gfx ... Alf, Simon, Magnetik

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The Miracle Of You


See inside..... 2nd at СС 06

released: august. 2006

code ...Elfh
sound ...Elfh (:
gfx ... Elfh, Moran

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Some ideas each of us...................... (Not about TATU or Moiseev) 1st at Dihalt Party '06

reliz: April,06

code ... Elfh
sound ...Miguel
gfx ...Miguel, Elfh

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Invitation Dihalt' 06

[.scl] [.tap]

We pour, get a bite and ........ Intro Dihalt 'o6!

released: April.2006

code ... Alff_vsemogushiy
sound ... simon_skromniy
gfx ... miguel_luboznatelniy, tanya_2308, alff

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i'am the seed

[.trd] [.tap]

rybinsk - arktika... void. place to be... 2ая на cc05

released: august.2005

code, concept ... elfh
gfx, design, sound ... miguel
gfx ... moran

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cpu loves you!

[.trd] [.tap]

would you like some oldskool fun? yes, we have some!!! 3rd at cc05

released: august.2005

gfx, design, music ... miguel, simon
code ... alff, elfh
support ... chasm
disorder and glicin... moran

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the waves

[.trd] [.tap]

always around us... and moran... 4th at cc05

released: august.2005

concept, code, gfx, sound ... moran
additional code ... elfh
final link ... alff

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the streamline

[.trd] [.tap]

some thoughts about sides and directions... 1st at dihalt2005

released: august.2005

concept, code, gfx ...
additional code, soundtrack ... elfh
all and nothing ... the rest of cyberpunks unity

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[.trd] [.tap]

a voice against the indifference was released at assembly'05... [4th place]

released: july.2005

concept, code ... alff
additional code ... elfh
soundtrack ... moran
support ... the rest of cyberpunks unity

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[.trd] [.tap]

moran starts world domination. first puppets controlled by moran were seen at ascii'04

released: october.2004

concept, code, soundtrack, gfx ... moran
support ... elfh
dots ... alff

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[.trd] [.tap]

another step to understanding made by cpu at ascii'04

released: october.2004

code, concept ... alff
soundtrack ... miguel
additional code ... elfh
support ... chasm
critics ... moran

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inmost sun

positive emotions made of noise for cc'04 brought to you by inward

released: august.2004

elfh - code,graphics
moran - graphics
miguel - music,graphics

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social disrespect from cpu released at: cc'04.

released: august.2004

code, concept ... alff
soundtrack ... ahim
additional code ...elfh
3d enginering ... magnetik
artwork ... miguel
support .... cpu pplz

[ comments]


the path

one of the best strange noisy demos from inward for forever quattro

released: march.2004

elfh - code
moran - gfx, music

[ comments]



the mixture of feelings of whole cpu, made for cafe'03

released: august.2003

code, concept, design...... alff
music, concept, design... miguel
concept, design........... chasm

[ comments]


the source

inward mental searchings, released at cafe'03

released: august.2003

elfh - code, text
moran - music

[ comments]



the first inward demo where they tried to understand everything...

released: june.2003

elfh - code
moran - code, music

[ comments]



dont waste time, just look.....

released: october.2002

spectrum conversion:

[ comments]



one of the most glorious demos by cpu

released: august.1998

code: veka, xn0bys, elfh, andrej smirnov
gfx: stellerex, miguel, vaniac, xn0bys, ant
music: never and chasm
texts: chasm, elfh

[ comments]



in 1995 we all were fond of megademos, the spirit of middle 90th in megademo by surdakar group

released: 1996

code: ryabcev denis, parshukov yuri, smirnov andrey
music: dj dens, mad max, max zx

[ comments]


adventurer e-zine

a sunpierced creature, begging for the highest deliverance

[15.trd] [15.tap]


выпущено: август.2004

outfit code ... alff
intro code ... elfh
design, music ... miguel

[ comments]


our private time machine

[14.trd] [14.tap]

выпущено: июль.2003

outfit code ... alff
intro code ... elfh
design ... miguel

[ comments]


the future has already happend...



выпущено: апрель.2002

[ comments]


another one alcoholic propaganda by cpu


выпущено: февраль.2001

[ comments]


alo kar, perkele me...


выпущено: август.2000


merry sun drink da booze...


выпущено: октябрь.1999


welcome into amazing world of cyberpunks' adventures!


выпущено: май.1999


no one can stop us!


выпущено: сентябрь.1998


adventurer becoming a property of cyberpunks


выпущено: februrary.1998


a couple of 0,75l bottles is what we need for...


выпущено: март.1997


underwater issue


выпущено: декабрь.1996


one thousand and one nights of arabic dreams...


выпущено: август.1996


episode 3, auryn strikes back!


выпущено: май.1996


scene two. the bloody doungeon


выпущено: март.1996


the start of our journey


выпущено: январь.1996



gift for...


гit was ages ago, elf became older.....

released: december.1998



another one flashback from alcocholic past.

released: march.1998



elfh again and again and again...

released: december.1997



a peace of xn0bys psychodelic past

released: march.1997



slowly we were moving with never...

released: july.1997



just another one celebration of another one year.

released: december.1997


veka and miguel

were, is and will be...

released: july.1998



another one year of demon's existence...

released: august.1997


dj dens

surdakar's digital congratulation.

released: september.1996




no more

[.trd] [.tap]

alff's realtime coding work. 1st place at zx realtime coders compo at cc05

released: august.2005



ass kicking 1/2kb by alff (1st place at cafe'02)

released: august.2002

[ comments]



512bytes for millennium'03 by alff ....(out of compo)

released: may.2003

[ comments]



xn0bys' contribution for cc'999

released: august.1999

[ comments]



global sensorica

an album by moran, feel the sound from eternal space...

released: september..2004

music - moran
code - elfh

[ comments]



Noises and pilikalki ZX are in presentation of Simon^cpu

itsletout: november.2005

rullz ... simon
thanx .... Idm-grop comunity ( Braifilter, PoWeR (8088) and all BreakCore Freak Thanx, thanx: ... D-jooz, IronMan, NikO, all


Rybinsk - Kalinigrad - Saturn

if I knew about pain anymore... I learned to clone it d would send little parties to Kaliningrad.

itsletout: apr. 2006

CoolMan ... simon
Great thanx .... Kq^skrju
Thanx for nothing .... tanya_2308


miguel - outstanding sound
never - the best tracks from him...
ahim - extreme sound for extreme people
moran - some early experimental tracks
davos - great amount of his works





another one cool game by horrorsoft

released: august.2004


milas kazmus

game for cafe'03

released: august.2003



"full shit" is not a full shit game, "full shit" is the name of our game (c) experience

full shit 2, locations - a couple of colour locations from unreleased demo

released: may 1999

anal fight

anal game by experience

released: march.1998

kool eggz

back to the past of electronic games... (c) horrorsoft

released: august.2000

plasmodium. astral complex.

playable demo of space slaughter.

released: may.2003

pipe dream

it is great to be a plumber (c) infosoft

released: december. 1996

color lines

colour impact by surdakar

released: may.1996

road fighter

road slaughter by surdakar

released: february.1997


another one game by surdakar

released: october. 1995

dice - poker

a gambling by auryn

released: may.1996


a peaceful game by simple company

released: july. 1997

war robots (demo)

a game by cav inc.

released: september 1997


adventure game by ray

released: march. 1997

last raider

futuristic adventure game by wredosoftware, published by cpu

released: november.1996


remakes and adaptations

dj puff. volcanic eruption.

an arcade game (c) code masters

released: december.2001

game ... veka
intro ... alff
music ... miguel

dragons of flame

rpg (c) tsr inc. and ssi inc.

released: may. 2000

game ... veka
intro ... elfh
music ... miguel

emlyn hughes international soccer

soccer manager. (c) audiogenic software

released: july. 2002

game and intro by deadie/horrorsoft/cpu

formula one

formula 1 manager by crl

released: may. .2000

released by cpu

line of fire

shooter (c) sega

released: march.1999

game ... fixxar
intro ... elfh
music ... miguel

starglider 2

arcade (c) rainbird

released: february. 2003

game ... fixxar
intro ... elfh
music ... ahim

times of lore

quest (c) origin

released: february..2001

game ... veka
intro ... elfh
music ... miguel


arcade (c) durell software

released: february.2001

released by shaitan\surdakar

navy moves 2 russian

arcade quest (c) dinamic software

released: may. 1996

translate ... chasm
intro ... elfh
game ... ray

souls of darkon

adventure (c) bug byte

released: october.1999

game ... veka
intro ... elfh
music ... miguel


system software

hewle font editor 2.0

font editior of new generation, supports different types of fonts, and different sizes up to 32x32 pix. (c) alff

released: october..2001

hewle spline studio 0.01

spline screens editor (c) alff

released: august .2004

hewle pecker 0.11

chunk video compressor (c) veka and alff

released: may. 2001


pcx converter/viewer (c) alff

released: august.2000

mach print

using this utility you can print in screens with vector fonts (c) ray

released: november. 1996

installer to autorun disk

make your disks selfrunning (c) ray

released: january.1997

font editor 2.3

classic font editor from surdakar

released: february.1997

ray disk monitor 2.3

very powerful disk monitor (c) ray

released: november.1996




gfx and sound for cc05 by moran
all what moran made for dihalt2005 by moran
работы moran'а с assembly 2005 by moran
коллекция pokes by fixxar
laser squad gold collecton - игра + editor in one shell (c) alff
scorched earth + tankwar - игры + cheat menu ;)





milas kasmus - action game for cafe'03
plasmodium. astral complex. - space shooter for mln'02
hewle font editors - hewle font editor 2.0 and rainbow font editor
hewle pecker 0.11 - chunk video packer
hewle spline studio 0.01 - splie screens editor
brujeria - pcx converter/viewer
miscellaneous - disassembled sources of globlal commander 1.31i with some updates [freezed] and areial 512bytes intro
spam - lots of useless sources...





evegreen forest became history, they are animals of new age... 2nd at cc04

released: august. .2004

handmade gfx ... rusakova
digital improvment ... magnetik
sound ... simon
lyrics ... elfh

cpu day

cpu like it is... 3rd at cafe'03 [wild]

released: august. 2003

design, produce ... magnetik
support... cpu and kovrov freax

memory of rek

another one thing to say about... 1st at cafe'03

released: august. 2003

produce ... magnetik


the trying to understend the electromistery...

released: august. 2005

produce ... moran

short term memory


released: august. 2005

produce ... magnetik


It is lonely, and nobody trusts...

released: august. 2005

produce ... master magnetik

PC utilites


mfli editor - multicolour editor byxn0bys
media files renamer - tool for batch renaming (c) xn0bys
spectrum screen viewer - spectrum gfx viewer/converter (c) xn0bys
resume - plugin for winamp (c) xn0bys