we are a group of people, who are trying to read the inner messages and deliver it outside, to find answers and to relive the most significant moments of our lives. we'll be glad if it gives something good for you too.

zx-spectrum - a 8bit machine with 3.5mhz cpu, 128kb ram and ym sound chip is used as a medium for our work. inward is developing inside of cyberpunks unity - a community of artistic minded people, who work in various spheres of digital art, releasing music, artworks and a zine, mainly concerning spekka demoscene.

currently next people are involved:

elfh - programming, visuals, lyrics
moran - subliminal programming, music, graphics
miguel - music, graphics

contact us at elphecy@softhome.net

trace links section of cyberpunks unity main page, to download an emulator for experiencing our works, not having a real zx-spectrum machine.


here follows the list of our releases:


this is an escape. deep exploration of an inner self delivers us creatures, that are living inside of every traveller.
make them free and able to speak. try to understand what are they trying to tell you. follow it, or leave the signs away.

technichal notes: a setup will help you if the sound on your machine is not smooth.

delivered by moran and elfh



the source

one day everyone has to think up his life. find the answers and the way to be. and it is rarely going on smooth.
sometimes revelations are coming through pain and tears.

delivered by moran and elfh


the path

this way is always opened. it is clear and wide, everything is hide inside of you.

delivered by moran and elfh


inmost sun

i really hope you found it too. it shines out every dark corner of my consciousness,
evaporates slime that tries to spoil my life. i know, it'll never be gone. i want to shine it for you.

delivered by moran, miguel and elfh

[kriik#4 article: ru,en]

global sensorica

a music album by moran. player outfit by elfh.

'a unique spekka ethno-trance with neat bits of noises. the sound, that affects brain activity' - kriik#4

[tracks without a player in pt3 format]

the work is always in progress.

good luck.